Financial Peace University

For many of us, we struggle with financial decisions. It creates anxiety as we try to live pay check to pay check. This stress often creates barriers and conflicts within our marriages. And as we get older we realize we may not be financially established when we retire.

Perhaps, you are not facing large debt and living pay check to pay check. But you want to be a person who is giving. A person is able to serve and help others financially. But how do you do that?

We have partnered with Financial Peace University and Dave Ramsey to host a class on Financial planning. This class we give you guidance and help no matter how difficult the finances are. We provide a proven strategy to work towards financial FREEDOM.

Date and Time: Begins every Monday at 6:30 pm for 9 weeks starting Feb 18, 2019.

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Your Coordinator: Nathan Sehi

I have used the financial plan of Dave Ramsey for a number of years. They have helped me transition from the Navy to Civilian life. The program allowed me to prepare for and finish seminary entirely debt free. I now am looking forward to moving along to retirement and investment planing. I encourage you to join us as we look at sound financial principles that will help you live in financial freedom. We hope you join us for this amazing class.