What to Expect

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You are among family at Bethel Baptist Church!

We may be a small church, but we are a big family!

It is our joy and pleasure to invite you to join us for fellowship among believers and worship of our Lord! We are so excited that you are interested in our church, and we want to make you feel as welcomed as possible.

What to expect in our worship services?

A small and intimate community.

Our auditorium can sit around 80 … You will sit among a congregation of diverse ages… dressed just as diversely, from formal to casual.

But more importantly!

We love God’s Word; it is central to everything we do… We will praise God singing our heartfelt adoration for Christ… And we will seek to engage in meaningful relationships with fellow believers.

And our music…

We seek to balance between conservative and progressive, traditional and new; striving to praise God with Scripture saturated proclamations of His worthiness.

Nursery and Childcare

We offer a full nursery for families with small children up to age 3.

Kids Ministry

We offer children's class Sunday Morning. Kids ages 4-12. Each of these ministries are carefully curated to help your children come to know Christ and become lifelong followers of Christ.

We hope to see you on Sunday